In late November of 2013 I met Scott Sutton, a homeless man living in the streets of NYC and panhandling in Union Square. It turns out he was a former photographer and darkroom manager at Archive Photos, who had fallen on hard times following the death of his wife. 

Over the last few months Marvi Lacar and I have been building up a relationship with Scott and been in contact with his long-lost family and former friends and colleagues. It has been a long process to help Scott prepare for a life out of the streets. Its been his reality for too long. Recently his family have successfully set up a legal guardianship program for Scott in New York. 

After posting an image of Scott and his story last year, I was amazed at the outpouring and offers of support from the photography community. His family, Marvi, and I now feel that all the preparations have been made to assure that Scott’s transition out of the streets will go as smoothly as possible. 

We asking our community to help one of our own. Please help by donating through this site and/or helping us spread Scott’s story - 

(via reportagebygettyimages)