Photo by William Daniels Photo by Juan Arredondo Photo by Jordi Busque Photo by Laura Boushnak Photo by Krisanne Johnson Photo by Giulio Di Sturco


'Imagery is the unrivaled language of our time and Getty Images is deeply committed to supporting the vision and passions of emerging and established photographers and other artists. Our global grants programme has spanned a decade and is the largest in the industry, yet each year’s entrants never fail to produce work that both inspires and profoundly moves us.' - Getty Images CEO Jonathan Klein

Today, Getty Images announced the recipients of its 2014 Editorial Grants. Congratulations to the winners:

Krisanne Johnson - South Africa’s Post-Apartheid Youth

Juan Arredondo Born in Conflict

Jordi Busqué The Mennonites of Bolivia

William Daniels CAR in Chaos

Giulio Di Sturco Ganges: Death of a River

Laura Boushnak - I Read I Write - Laura was awarded the ‘Lean In’ grant, for a project which deals with the empowerment of women.

All of the recipients will now embark on the completion of their projects. Please read more about the winners and their work on Time Lightbox and New York Times Lens Blog.


Meldon Moffitt – 42 from #Ferguson, MO

"Last night was a peaceful protest, but somehow these officers feel like they have to control what are doing peacefully and they moved in on us. They arrested me, put me to the ground and put these wire handcuffs on me. They took me to the command center up by the Target and let me sit in the van for at least two hours with some other guys that they arrested. I got out by about 4 this morning. I haven’t been home, I haven’t had a wink of sleep and I am not going anywhere. I am going to be here until I hear that word, ‘Guilty’."

Part of the project that I shot in Ferguson, MO is online now over at Bloomberg Businessweek. Take a look at it here: